Get tested – I dare you!!

Been a very interesting week.  First was the TV program about Pinnacle Point and then the day after I read an article about the Genographic Project.

The Genographic Project is attempting to document the long migratory history of our early ancestors.  To date they have gathered 55,000 (from a target of 100,000) DNA samples from indigenous people as well as 360,000 samples from people who have purchased testing kits. 

What this study has also reinforced is that ‘Race’, in terms of deep seated biological differences, doesn’t exist scientifically.

At the genetic level, every person on earth is 99.9% identical.  This low level of genetic diversity, compared to other species of primates, is linked back to the population bottle neck described in my previous post.

So, what are you waiting for.  Get your testing kit here and possibly get the surprise or your life.  You can read about some peoples discoveries here.


Yves Rossy – Jet Pack Man

This is SO SO cool.  This is what every little boy dreams of doing, to fly like their favourite super hero.  Yves is a pilot for Swiss Air and he has built his own carbon fibre wing with 4 small jet engines attached, which travels at 300km/h.  There is a lot of links via YouTube, the one here gives footage from a camera attached to the wing itself and was prior to his crossing of the English Channel.  Two days ago he failed on his continental crossing when he was flying across the Straits of Gibraltar.  What an experience!