This software saved my butt

This afternoon, half asleep and not paying the attention I should have done, I authorised what I thought was an Adobe update, well that was a big mistake.  From that point on, whenever I opened IE8  (I know, I know) it kept on repeatedly cycling   “This tab has been recovered”.  So the page was constantly closing and reopening.  So after spending 4 hours on forums I came across a post that advised to install a malware program from  Sure enough there it was.  The program cleaned it out and we are back to square one.

Two lessons here.  First is, make sure you ALWAYS understand what you are installing and lesson two is make sure you have a second browser installed on your machine.  If I didn’t I would have been screwed.

 I heartily recommend installing this and running it regularly.  The nice thing is that it is also free.


The most amazing software

I know that there are always claims that some new piece of software will change your life and like most people I approach this with the same derision that I approach most hype.

However I have discovered some software and the more that I use it and the more that I watch the tutorials the more that I am totally blown away.

Its called ‘The Brain’ and for those who are not familiar, it is a very powerful way to capture your ideas and essentially map your brain in the way that you look at a subject.  They describe it as a Visual Information Manager

I am now on their mailer list and get regular emails with small VOD’s that provide examples of functionality and what other people develop with their own ideas.  Jerry Michalski demonstrates his ‘Brain’ which is a collection of 84,000+ interconnected activities and thoughts over more than 10 years.  It was simply amazing.

The value of being able to very easily map out your thoughts, provide the connections between them, add dependencies, add url’s and documents to those thoughts and track what you are doing is astonishing.

I have a job that entails significant breadth and complexity mapping processes, people, programs, initiatives, escalations, new product introductions, contracts, legal, meetings, travel etc and this program is perfect.  I can see all the key information, the relationships between them, supporting documents, url’s and even key emails easily.

“The Brain” just blows me away as the most amazing piece of software I have ever used.

You can also go the site from here