Another outstanding example of political hypocrisy

Today in the newspaper it was interesting to read the articles about the Russian veto of the UN resolution on Syria.  Content read like this –

“as it (Russia) faced a torrent of outrage from the US, Europe and the Syrian opposition”

“The US described the Russian and Chinese veto during Tuesdays UN vote as a slap in the face for the Syrian people”.

“the latest version described the ‘grave and systematic’ human rights violations in Syria and demanded an immediate end to the violence, and those responsible to be held to account”.

Now call me thick, but I don’t seem to recall the same “torrent of outrage” and righteous indignation when the US made it clear that they would veto any UN resolution recognising an independent Palestinian state.which has equally suffered  ‘grave and systematic’ human rights violations, let alone holding anyone responsible to full account.

Is it any wonder why politicians are finding themselves to be utterly irrelevant in any situation that requires honest moral leadership.