Yves Rossy – Jet Pack Man

This is SO SO cool.  This is what every little boy dreams of doing, to fly like their favourite super hero.  Yves is a pilot for Swiss Air and he has built his own carbon fibre wing with 4 small jet engines attached, which travels at 300km/h.  There is a lot of links via YouTube, the one here gives footage from a camera attached to the wing itself and was prior to his crossing of the English Channel.  Two days ago he failed on his continental crossing when he was flying across the Straits of Gibraltar.  What an experience!


Eve Online

In the intervening time since I bothered to post anything I discovered and have become addicted (well nearly) to a wonderful way to waste your time – Eve Online.  Been a member for around 3 months or so and currently just spending my time training and ratting.  For those of you who have never tried or thought about how best to waste chunks of your life, I can really recommend this as an option.  Huge fun.  Hint: it helps to have an interest in SciFi.