India – Photos posted on website

During the 2 weeks I took just over 1,500 photos.  Of these I have chosen my favourite 35 and posted them onto my website – Paul Draskovich Photography.  One of my own personal aims of this holiday was to take a lot more portraits of people.  Normally I stick with landscape shots because you dont need to ask the landscape permission to take the photo.  I have always known that the people in India offer such amazing diversity and this time I wanted to try and capture what I hoped would be some good images.  Well, you are of course the judge as to how succesful this intent was, but I am really happy with these results.

There are two shots of India on the home page and then the rest can be found under “Places/India”.  Here is one of my favourites.

Upgrading my website

I am in the process of upgrading my website to a brand new design.  I like it so much more.  For any of you that are trying to visit over the next few days, please allow for the fact that it could look a bit strange as I am changing things in and out.  I will send out an email once the whole thing is finished.