Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers

I first watched this band 3 weeks ago in New Orleans at a private party at the The House of Blues.  They were playing in the upstairs room at the back and I ‘chanced’ upon them and stayed all evening.  I checked their website when I cam back to Holland and saw that they were playing in Zwolle (of all fucking places) last night.  So K and I went with our neighbor friends to the Blues Night at the Odeon Theatre.  The first 2 acts were ok, nothing special but then these guys came on.  AMAZING!!!!!!    I haven’t had as much fun watching live music since Talking Heads.  Extremely different music but holy christ do these guys have energy, presence, power and just fantastic music.

If you ever, ever get the chance to see them, do not hesitate they will blow you away.  We all agreed that if the opportunity arises the 4 of us will take a holiday to the US just to see them in concert.  They are that good!

(the sound quality of this clip is not great but you will get sense of how good they are)

I have now arrived in “The United States of Unconsciousness”

I had to smile yesterday on the Delta flight coming to the US when this song came up on the ipod.  How very, very true.

The group is – ‘The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy’ and the track is Called “Television Drug of the Nation”

Unfortunately I cannot embed the video into this post.  Watch it, because it is bloody good.

Talking Heads – Incomparable

Having an evening watching clips and listening to my favourite band of all time.  They are still the only band that I ever flew from one end of a country to the other to watch  in concert and they are still the only band that I would fly anywhere in the world to see again, but that I fear is something we will never see again. 

Let me know if you are as big a fan as I am. 

Turn the volume right up and enjoy!

If you like music

For my recent birthday I was given headphones that have been specifically designed for the ipod/iphone by B&W.  This company has long been a favourite as they produce astonishing speakers.  I bought a pair of B&W speakers 25 years ago, they are still being used and they are still amazing.

If you really, really enjoy listening to music and you want to splash out on state of the art headphones then check out the B&W P5’s.  You will not be disappointed.