“The American”

For those of you who have already wasted your money on this movie, I have just joined your ranks.  For those of you who have yet to see this movie – DON’T.  I made the stupid mistake of assuming that because it had George as the main actor it would be a good movie.  I just really hope that George got paid a shitload for doing this piece of rubbish, because he deserves it, for no other reason that it is his brand that would get people to part with $10 to see it.

To summarise, by the end of the movie you still have no idea who his character really is, nor do you have any idea why people are trying to kill him. He meets an Italian hooker in a brothel he goes to in rural Italy and trust me, I would challenge anyone to find a hooker who looks like this, working in a rural brothel in Italy, in fact in any brothel in Italy.  People get killed with guns in very small rural Italian towns, where there is nobody on the street and not a cop in sight.  You can’t fart in some of these towns without a bored grandmother sitting at a window listening to you do it.  To top the whole thing off, it moves at the same pace as treacle running down a wall in winter.

Summary: Don’t even download it for free.  Utter, utter rubbish.

“From Paris with Love”

Watched the new movie with John Travlota.  The plus of the movie is to see the continued evolution of Travolta, he has a look that really suits him but unfortunately the movie is full of really bad cliches about the French and Paris, plus a story line that stretches belief.   A bit of a crap movie.  4/10