Perfect week in Puglia

Took last week off to just relax, do very little, eat great Italian food and most of all escape the weather in Holland.  By sheer chance I found this house on Mr & Mrs Smith which looked amazing on the their site and it was.  The property was very private so we didn’t see anyone for the entire week, the house was really large so we had our own bathrooms.  Best of all was the weather.  Later in the week it was 36C which was fantastic.  All day we just read books, took a siesta, had wonderful food, swam in the pool and just emptied our heads of all of the usual.

   It’s amazing how easy it is just to dump all the rubbish that is in your head and give yourself the time to reflect on where you are and what is important in your life.  We don’t do    it enough which is a shame.  The fact that there was no real desire to leave the house at all speaks volumes.  We did go into Cisternino a couple of times for dinner as well as to the beach once for a look but that was it.

Each morning I could get up just before the sunrise, sit by the pool and meditate.  The meditation combined with the peace, the warmth and relaxation helped to focus my mind on my goals for the next few years and how to execute.  More on that later.

If you want an amazing week, I cannot recommend this villa enough.  You have to book well in advance because generally it is fully booked from April to September.