Nip Tuck

Having seen one or two episodes randomly quite a few years ago, I sat beside a person on the Thalys going to Paris who was watching multiple episodes.  I have always been intrigued by this series so when I got home I ended up acquiring all 6 series.

I am now half way through season 2 and I am totally hooked.  Great music, interesting characters, love, jealousy, sex, drugs, plastic surgery and an interesting twist in each episode – perfect entertainment.

If you want to get an idea, check out the overview on Wikipedia although there are a significant number of websites on this topic.

More amazing photography

Pete Seaward began his career as a graphic designer, but has spent the last twenty as a photographer. Originally studio-based, he has become a specialist landscape photographer. Working primarily in advertising, commissions have taken him across the world.  He really produces some excellent photography.  Check out his site.

The danger of bad translation

Stopped for lunch in a cafe in Montmarte on Saturday.  Looked at the menu in French posted outside and thought it had good options for Zoe.  Asked for an English menu so Zoe could read and make a choice.

To my pure delight (and hers) the translation for the Salade de Chèvre Chaud was, get this – ‘Salade Goat Dung’

I would love to know how many orders they have received for this dish from English Tourists and that no one has ever pointed it out to them.  I told the waiter, who looked a bit confused until I explained that they were offering a Salad of Goat Shit.  He burst out laughing and took off with the menu.