Wicked Start to 2012

I was made aware of the this site called ‘WickedStart‘ which is such a cool idea.  I am constantly amazed at the sophistication of the products and material that you can leverage at little or no cost.  This site has been set up to help people who don’t have a lot of prior business experience, set up a business from scratch.  It is a comprehensive idea-to-launch guide where you set up the details on-line and it guides you through all the key steps to set yourself up successfully.  Having had a few interesting conversations with people in NZ over the last few weeks I can see that this site would benefit them enormously.  Kudos to the people behind this site.  I think it will help save a few people from themselves.

Jeroen, the very cool designer

Take a look at the website of Jeroen Ten Berge, who is a Dutch designer now living in New Zealand.  The art and his ideas are really cool and the man has a great sense of humour.  I wish I also had the ability to visually pull  together my ideas and present them in this way.

Imagination and Photography

I have been struggling to understand how to fire up my relatively dormant imagination and connect that to photography.  Anyone and everyone can take the bog standard photo, however a photo that provokes interest, thoughts and makes someone really appreciate the photo, is the holy grail (as far as I am concerned).

There are two photographers who I think set the benchmark for this.

Check out Miles Aldridge who does some amazing stuff.

miles aldridge







Here is a Dutch photographer who also does some really cool work – Eunice Lieveld