Totally Stress Free Christmas in 6 easy steps

Perhaps some 20 years ago I decided that the stress associated with Xmas, I needed to avoid.  The reason for me was simple, I no longer felt that it was a season of joy and peace, more a season of increased frustration and increasing levels insanity.  I think the moment that this really began to crystallise was when I worked with someone who spent so much on her credit card for Xmas presents, that it took the following 12 months to pay the debt off, only to start all over again – what for?  When you take all of this and reflect that in fact, the christian population is celebrating an event that didn’t actually occur on December 25, but on January 7, I reached a personal conclusion that I was wasting my time.  This is a personal stance only and for those who choose to go the ‘whole hog’ –  respect!

So for any of you that truly want a completely stress free Xmas, here are my 6 tried and trusted steps:

1. Don’t buy and/or send Xmas cards.

2. Purchase your gifts for your real loved ones via the internet and have them delivered.  This avoids going anywhere near a shop.

3. Get the kids to put up the Xmas tree on Dec 24.

4. Keep television turned off throughout the entire period.

5. Avoid going to anyones place on Xmas Day, who you honestly don’t want to spend the day with which includes obligatory lunch/dinners with families that result in frustration and arguments.

6. Have the same children take down the Xmas tree by Dec 31.


Fuck me, its nearly that time of year again

As depressing as this seems, its getting closer to that appalling time of year that is unique.  Everyone is convinced that they need to be happy, jolly and full of good tidings, however most are just depressed about the weather (Northern hemisphere) and the amount of additional debt that will be accrued on those little pieces of plastic, buying presents for folks who are largely ungrateful anyway.

Try my approach – utterly ignore it.  It makes December relatively stress free.