I think this man is a shining example of what you can get away with if you are genuinely rich and you have a pair of balls the size of an elephant.  I read in the FT today the following headline “Berlusconi seeks law to restore his immunity”.  I spent time on the internet to find some good examples of people seeking immunity from prosecution, who in fact had no reason to do so.  Funnily enough, I couldn’t find any.


‘Kid Koala’

Two days ago I was waiting for someone in the Montreux Cafe at Geneva Airport and they were playing a clip of Kid Koala in concert.  Check him out via youtube, he’s bloody good.

Better effort needed

For reasons best left to myself, I thought that it was about time to pull finger and update this blog because a lot does happen and this is an interesting way to capture it as I go along.  Updated the name of the blog to something more aligned to my current state of mind and I realised that doing this can actually produce a feeling of lightness and dare I say bliss akin to the activity that the title really does suggest.  I am also quite pleased because it is much more environmentally friendly, as it doesn’t require the use of 1.5meters of toilet paper, so everyone is a winner.