Kumbah Mela – India – 2013. Photography opportunity of a lifetime.

For those of you who read this blog you will know that I have a photography love affair with India. You can see the results of the last couple of trips on my photography website.

I thought it would be worth posting about the trip I am planning next year to the Maha Kumbah Mela in India.  I have wanted to do this for years because as a photography trip and a life experience it will be like no other.  This is the major Hindu festival in India which happens once every 4 years.  This one is special as the Maha Kumbah only happens each 144 years.  This is where all the Sadhu’s in India come together which is like nothing else.  Over the month some 60 million visit this place.  I will be there on the two bathing days that matter, the most important being on Feb 10.  I am also going to have a day and a night in Varanasi because it is an amazing place and then a day and night in Delhi because photographing in the old part of the city is also an amazing experience. 

I am putting together a small group of photographers who want to join this once in a lifetime experience. The catch is that hotel rooms in Allahabad need to be booked now because they will quickly sell out.  My agent is holding a few rooms but I will need to confirm by the middle of February this year.

If anyone is interested, contact me immediately for details.  The trip itinerary is below. 


Itinerary :


Date Day Itinerary City Hotel


Sat Arrive Delhi, transfer to hotel Delhi Ashtan Sarovar Portico


Sun Fly to Varanasi (SpiceJet SG 116 – 09:35  10:50), arrive Varanasi and transfer to Allahabad (2hrs). Allahabad Kanha Shyam


Mon At the Kumbh Allahabad Kanha Shyam


Tue At the Kumbh Allahabad Kanha Shyam


Wed At the Kumbh Allahabad Kanha Shyam


Thu At the Kumbh Allahabad Kanha Shyam


Fri At the Kumbh Allahabad Kanha Shyam


Sat Drive to Varanasi.  Afternoon sightseeing and prayer ceremony. Varanasi Radisson


Sun Dawn boat ride on the river, sightseeing and fly to Delhi (SpiceJet SG 119 -16:15  17:40). Evening at leisure Delhi Ashtan Sarovar Portico


Mon Delhi sightseeing and fly out End NA



Street Photography in Kolkata

Next week I am heading to Kolkata to lose myself in some street photography.  As I have researched this city the sheer scope of opportunities is amazing.  Through my travel arranger ‘Delhi Magic‘, I have arranged a guide that specialises in photography as I only have 4 days.  If anyone has been there before and has suggestions, then please don’t hesitate.  I plan to try and update this blog whilst I am there.

Photography Workflow

I have just spent around 4 days finally establishing a proper photography workflow.  Previously the whole thing has been a bit ad-hoc which resulted in a mess of how images were being filed and patchy final results.  Firstly I spent the time to map it out o paper and establish exactly what were the various finished files.

Main tools are Phase One Capture Pro, Photoshop Bridge & Photoshop CS4.  I now have a flow from taking the RAW files from the camera to the month/year folder, selecting the RAW images I want to work with, process the RAW images, save the ones I really want into TIFF files, add copyright info, add watermarking & convert to jpg, then finally adjust image size and working profiles for shots that I will post to on-line media.  I realised that there is huge value in only posting watermarked and copyright embedded images to blogs and Facebook because anyone can download and save them.

So finally, I have an established workflow.

Private photography tour to Rajasthan in April

Last night I launched a new venture that will take place this April (fingers crossed).  When I was in Rajasthan in August, I fell in love with the place.  Not only for the experience itself but for the sheer breadth of photographic opportunities.  What I really enjoyed was the way the camera allowed you to interact with the people.  I remember one gentleman on a push bike, with his young son sitting on the front.  He stopped and indicated for me to take a photo of his son.  The father was so, so proud and it shone through every fibre in his body.  Those little moments that you never get in the west were priceless.  Because of this I decided that it would be a great experience to create a private tour for no more than 6 like minded people for 2 weeks to travel through Rajasthan and then on to Varanasi. 

Over the last few weeks I have built a website from scratch and last night I launched it.  You can see what I am doing here.

In conjunction with my friend Jeroen in NZ, we created this logo, which is also pretty cool.

Have a look and please share this with anyone who really enjoys photography and would like to share the experience.

India – Updated photos

Just added another three photos to my website.  Click here to view