Moving my blog – update

Beginning this exercise, you think “What the hell, I want more flexibility – lets move the blog”.  Of course nothing in life is that straight forward.  To export a blog to a hosted account, is not that complex.  If you are remotely interested you can read about it here.

Like all things, you need to get everything into place beforehand.  So, firstly I registered a new domain and with a name like mine there is not a lot of competition for relevant domains that involve the name ‘paul draskovich’ 🙂  I use Namecheap because as the name implies that is exactly what it is.

Next set up a WordPress installation with your hosting provider.  In my case I am beginning to use GVO Hosting because they offer an amazing infrastructure at a really reasonable price.

Then you need to decide on a theme.  There are of course a lot of really good free themes out there but I want a specific look and I want to add some specific functionality.  So last week I spent hours checking out the various WordPress theme providers.  Trust me there are a lot.  What became clear was the need to find a provider that gives you a wide choice of themes, really good support and infrastructure at a realistic price. I chose Woo Themes because they met all of those requirements.

This week I will finalise the structure of the new site, test it and then migrate.  Should be interesting.


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