I am beginning to hate my Blackberry with a passion

I have had a Blackberry Bold for around 2 years now.  I need to be clear that I didn’t buy it, it is a work phone.  In the beginning I was really happy with it because it was a quantum leap forward from my Samsung, which was the most appalling piece of crap I have ever owned.  To be fair, it wasnt any of the newer Samsung smart phones.  It was one of the earlier ones that had the Windows operating systems and I am not suspect that it was more to do with the OS than the phone.

Anyway, when people asked me what I thought of my Blackberry I would wax lyrical, singing its praises.  About the same time I bought an iPhone as a personal phone, so there has been this unintentional comparison developing as I have used the two.

I can now tell you that from my perspective I think the Blackberry is a piece of shit and I can see why RIM is beginning to slowly fade into obscurity.  Here are just some of the challenges.

It updates and reboots in the middle of the night.  Not often, but when it does you need to the sim passwords for it to register once again on the network.  Any calls or sms’s don’t come through. 

Every now and then for no rational reason the alarm fails to go off in the morning – this morning being an example.  Alarm was correctly set for 6.15am, nothing happens.

I travel a lot.  Often it struggles to find which network to sign onto and this usually requires the removal of the battery, reboot and at least 10 minutes boot up time before it signs on.

Calls drop.  You sit in one place, usually the office and part way through the conversation the call drops.

The frustration I feel when I want to just hurl this piece of crap against a brick wall, and I can’t because I would resent having to pay for it even more.

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