Dreams and Reality, which is which?

I read something that began an interesting thought trail that I thought would be worth sharing.  The excerpt was related to dreams and the comment was that it is only in our dreams that we are truly ourselves.  This prompted quite a bit of thought.

Are we really our true selves in our dreams?  Do we engage and create in our dreams as we truly are, without filters?  If we are, then who are we when we are awake?  Are we really ourselves or are we just projecting the persona that is either established for that audience or alternatively creating a persona that we believe the other person(s) needs to see. Each time we do this, how much of that is driven by our ego?  As you think about this, consider honestly how much of the real you is in the persona that you have developed with your partner, siblings, parents, relatives, work colleagues, people in stores, people at church (if you go), people in nightclubs, bars, on public transport.  In each and every one of these situations you adjust some element of your persona so that you are hopefully perceived in a certain way and usually with the intention of determining an outcome.  Then consider that everyone is doing this.

So what is really reality?  Is it your unfiltered dreams (where you are really you), or is it what we tend to think of as reality which is our awake state and no one is really showing who they are and what they really think, acting in a massive multi-layered ego driven tableau?

Think it through, it’s very interesting.  Let me know 🙂


One thought on “Dreams and Reality, which is which?

  1. I honestly think that it’s true….we are only true to ourselves in our dreams. I know for example that I would piss off so many people if I was REALLY myself…not to mention there would be quite a number of people no longer living, based on some of the dreams I’ve had over the years.

    Society’s expectations, peer pressure and social (in)ability have all contributed to the fake facade that everyone projects in public. Sad but true. Even sadder is that this annoying ‘whatever’-fake-tan-celebrity-obsessed banality that we call “American culture” is being imported wholesale worldwide and is adding to fakeness that is oneself. It’ll only get worse.

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