Severe Dislocation

Arrived back home at 6.00am this morning after a trip of 30 hours, which includes the 4 hours at KL airport.  I stepped out of the taxi outside of our home and was hit with this feeling that it was only a very short time since I was actually stepping into the taxi to go the airport and then to NZ. It was then that I realised how dislocated I really felt. 

It was a very weird feeling which continued for most of today.  We are continuosly being given the opportunity to get from one point on the globe to another in ever shorter travel times which results in greater dislocation.  I shifted 12 hours in time zone, from summer at 21C to winter at 11C, from bright sunshine that needed sunglasses to washed out winter light, from living on a beach back to an apartment, from constant personal interaction (there was 8 of us together all of the time) back to the quiet of home, from all surrounding communication in English back to Dutch and then later this week back to work.  The actual transistion from one state to another is in itself a unique experience.  Because I have travelled long distances all of my adult life I have a set of behaviours that I slot into automatically and results in “suspended reality”.  I go into this ‘zone’ of not talking to anyone at all, watching films, reading or sleeping and not being aware of how long I have been travelling for or how long before I arrive, it just happens. When I look back on it, I don’t actually remember anything about the trip.

Coming back to this reality, here, will take a few days.  Thank god I had the common sense to take additional days off before I start work.


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