Lets distract the ‘little people’

I find it interesting that when a country like The Netherlands begins to face real challenges such as the current economic outlook which require bold, intellectual responses the fine voted leaders resort to a campaign best described as distracting ‘the little people’.  It seems to be a tactic that is almost built into any politicians DNA, avoid talking about something that either a) “I might be held accountable for”,  or b) “I might confirm that I am an idiot because I don’t know” or c) “If they think about it in too much detail I might get voted out because somehow I am associated with this mess”.

So what have they come up with over the last couple of weeks.  Well the first one that has been causing considerable debate has been the horror expressed by politicians that anyone would want to have two passports.  Yes, TWO passports.  It would seem that if you have a Dutch passport then you have a divine responsibility to reject all others.  However, because this wasn’t a widely held belief amongst those with multiple passports, they made a law stating that you can only have one.  Exactly how having 2 passports is detrimental to your Dutch state of mind is not clear, however it is clear that for a number of Dutch politicians this is a considerable issue and it must be STOPPED.  What the morons haven’t thought through is that if you don’t tell them they will never know.  I have always found it interesting that people can attach so much of an emotional investment in a piece of paper.

The second one has been another debate in parliament about University courses being taught in English. Apparently English is becoming popular because “it is chic and because of globalisation”.  Halbe Ziljstra, the junior education minister added that  ‘if the subject requires teaching in English, it is logical to do so.’ However, if English is not necessary it is not beneficial to ‘pour an English sauce’ over a lesson, he said. Clearly this man has a bright future!

A lot of this idiocy is in reaction to Geert Wilders and his ‘anti-anything’ stance, however as I remind my daughters who are at school in this country and both think that Wilders is a fucking idiot,  he is in parliament because people voted for him.  That is what bothers a lot of people here, the fact that there is enough morons in Holland who actually think this is a good thing and confirms my original observation, when the going gets tough “wind up the little people”.


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