Why I don’t live in New Zealand

There is absolutely no coincidence in the fact that I live on the polar opposite side of the world.  This article captures the reason why I ran away from the place as soon as I was able too so.  One extract of the article;

Rugby is a huge part of every community here. Children are raised on it, and have it with them for life. In New Zealand, you meet countless exceptional people, within whom the spirit of rugby is almost a guiding light for themselves and others.

To provide context I should point out that I was the first boy in the history of my school to refuse to play rugby. This was met with utter incomprehension, why would a male born in New Zealand consciously make the decision to reject his ‘birthright’?

Like Australia, New Zealand suffers from being a very young nation with little cultural depth & identity, where sport becomes the definition of culture.  I personally find this quite sad, but I did vote with my feet.


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