Relationships – some of the ugly truth

Having exchanged correspondance with 2 female friends in the last week, both who are currently suffering a broken heart, I thought I should share some uplifting facts that will helps everyone have renewed faith in relationships 🙂

1. If you’re a woman who got married before the age of eighteen, your marriage faces a 48 percent likelihood of divorce within ten years.

2.  If you’re a woman who wants a child—either a first child or an additional child—much more strongly than your spouse does, your marriage is more than twice as likely to end in divorce as the marriages of couples who agree on how much they do or don’t want a child.

3.  If you have two sons, you face a 36.9 percent likelihood of divorce, but if you have two daughters, the likelihood rises to 43.1 percent.

4. If you’re a man with high basal testosterone, you’re 43 percent more likely to get divorced than men with low testosterone levels.

5. If you are currently married but have cohabited with a lover other than your current spouse, you are slightly more than twice as likely to divorce than someone who has never cohabited.

6. If you didn’t smile for photographs early in life, your marriage is five times more likely to end in divorce than if you smiled intensely in early photographs.

7. If you’re a woman who has recently been diagnosed with cancer or multiple sclerosis, your marriage is six times more likely to end in divorce than if your husband had been diagnosed with those diseases instead.

8. If you’re a Caucasian woman and you’re separated from your spouse, there’s a 98 percent chance that you’ll be divorced within six years of that separation; if you’re a Hispanic woman, the likelihood is 80 percent; if you’re an African-American woman, the likelihood is 72 percent.

9.  If you’re a dancer or choreographer, you face a 43.05 percent likelihood of divorce, compared with mathematicians, who face a 19.15 percent likelihood, and animal trainers, who face a 22.5 percent likelihood

I bet you are happy you read this blog post aren’t you?  :-))


One thought on “Relationships – some of the ugly truth

  1. Paul, your ability to source and share such insights is…….. astounding!

    After all this time has the hope been in vain?

    A wise man once told me all men are interested in is breasts and vaginas.

    Given most women have both (be it in varying degrees)- should the rate of divorce not be lower? LOL

    Now run along and find us a few good reasons not to become lesbians and do away with your breed! 🙂

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