Brand Britain

Just came back from another 3 days in the UK and I have to share with you just a few of the newspaper articles, which does give an insight into the rapidly changing fabric of the UK.

Before I add the newspaper articles I am compelled to mention Heathrow T4 (again).  What a shit fight.  Iris machine broken – again, join the very long snaking queue of people without European passports, 50 minutes later passport stamped and I can make my way out.  I have no idea what is going to happen when the Olympics starts, Heathrow will be a nightmare.  Anyway, the news;

Housing conditions in Britain are among the worst in Western Europe and cost the nation about 7bn pounds a year. Homelessness is on the increase with almost 4,000 people sleeping on London’s streets, an increase of 8% since last year.

Hospital staff shortages ’cause 500 deaths a year’.  “each year there are 25,000 deaths in hospital following emergency admission. If the weekend mortality rate in London was the same as the weekday rate there would be around 520 fewer deaths”.  “The chance of death significantly increases if a patient is admitted out of hours”.

Despite the expenses scandal, 136 MP’s continue to employ family members, (totalling 140 family members).  Median salary of the 140 ’employees’ is between 20 – 25k pounds per year.  42 are paid over 30k per year and 6 are paid over 40k per year.

A report by the World Economic Forum has ranked UK schools 43rd in the world behind Iran, Trinidad & Tobago & Lithuania.  Britain also languishes behind Albania in the league table for maths and sciences.  The WEF findings reveal that British children are at a disadvantage compared to many others around the world, with the country at risk of developing a core skills shortage.

A recent OECD report shows that one-fifth of 15 year olds are functionally illiterate, which ‘significantly reduces their chances of success in later life’


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