Getting distracted

A conversation 2 nights ago with someone made me realise how long it has been since I sat down to write.  Part of the reason is that I am going through a period of “de-cluttering” my life.  A month ago I took the time to really look at how much ‘stuff’ was in the house and around me.  It is ridiculous, all the more if you begin to think “when was the last time I used this”?  So ebay and Martplaats (local Dutch version) has taken a lot of free time.  So far, everything that I have put on-line has sold, some of it remarkably for the same as what it cost me.  It is a really good feeling to start to see things disappear and the money go back into your account.

In addition to this I am also pursuing a private project that will involve having 3 websites up and running by Xmas.  I have been spending hours researching CMS (content management systems) and more interestingly the amazing breadth and depth of work that you can contract out via e-commerce sites like elance.

Anyway, thank you ‘L’ for prompting me to pull my finger out.  Very much appreciated and you were right.


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