The 4-Hour Work Week

By pure chance I picked up this book when I was in Waterstones a month ago and decided to buy it as the title intrigued me.  I subsequently read a couple of weeks ago when I was in Italy.  For anyone looking to change the direction of their life and to figure out a way to live your life, embracing the things that you love to do, then this book by Timothy Ferriss is the one you need to read.

The fundamental principles of the book are;

  • You don’t need to be a millionaire to stop work and pursue your dreams.
  • If you lost your job tomorrow, what is the absolute worst thing that could happen.  If you really look at this seriously you will understand that it is never usually as bad as you imagine.
  • Focus on your strengths and experience.  If you focus to improve your weaknesses, they will be improved but they will still be weaknesses.
  • Focus on the key things that make a difference, outsource everything else.  You will be surprised how easy and cost-effective that can be.
  • Get over your fear.
  • Live more, work less.

The book is full of practical advice, reference material, url’s and examples of people who have done exactly this.  Possibly the easiest way to get insight into the topic is to visit the website and then go to Tim’s blog.  There is a huge amount of information as well as video clips of a number of people who are now pursuing their dreams.



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