Television: I simply don’t get it.

I have the luxury of living on the 6th floor of a building which is slightly higher than most of the buildings within my area.  Because of a park in front of the house I get a 180 degree view, with other apartment buildings on the 3 sides in front.  I sometimes stand and observe the pattern in people’s lives. Come home from work, switch on the TV, cook dinner, eat dinner (with the TV), clean up and then sit and watch TV for the entire evening, go to bed, get up – rinse and repeat.  This happens (with minor variation) 7 days a week.  The was a person (he has since moved) that actually used to sleep in front of the TV, which was turned off only when he went to work.  On average people are watching TV either directly or in-directly 5 hours a day.  Every year they spend an equivalent of 76 (24 hour) days, watching TV.  Add in a further 7 hours sleep each day and that totals 182 full days per year – comatose.  I simply don’t get it.  There are articles decrying how western culture is becoming “Dummed down”, why might that be?  Children with high levels of tolerance to graphic violence, why might that be?  People with no real idea who they truly are and what they really want from their life, why might that be?

The best thing you can do if you truly want to begin to live your life consciously is throw away the television!!  Reclaim your life.

This video says it all.


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