My advice: Wear Sunscreen

Doing some research last night I came across this clip and ended up watching it 7 times in the space of a couple of hours.  The repetition came from showing it to my two daughter as well as my friends who were eating with us, however I did watch each time because the video had a real impact by reminding me (again) that life is indeed very short and how easily we waste it.  Above everything else I want my daughters to be free.  Free in their minds to embrace life in a manner similar to this clip.  When I pick them up or drop them off at their home I see people who have been born in that area, grew up and went to school, got married and then repeated the whole process sitting in their little houses not really understanding that life has just passing by.  Now it is definitely not my place to judge nor criticise, I just know that for myself that concept freaks me out and I sincerely hope that my daughters continue to use this video as a benchmark for their young lives.


If you are interested, Ki’une has an interesting website called Risingbean which provides a lot of thought and inspiration.


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