Kolkata and a realization

Presented opportunities in life can be amazing if you give yourself the space to recognize them and then have the presence of mind to reach out and embrace them.  Today was one of those days.  I had the opportunity to spend the morning in the company of an amazing 29 year old man.  In fairness to him I am not going to name him or explain how this came to pass, it just did.  In our time together we talked and laughed (a lot). Very quickly it became clear that at 29 years old, this person already understands (with utter clarity) that if you understand what really makes you happy in your life and you live according to this, then everything flows from that point and you will have that life.  During the morning he made a comment about something he believed and this light bulb flashed on in my mind.  It made me realize something extremely profound about myself. 

Four weeks ago when I decided to come to Kolkata I knew that this trip was important.  I now understand why.


3 thoughts on “Kolkata and a realization

  1. Paul you are such a lovely person. I’ve now read every one of your Calcutta posts and they are each a progression towards this last post. I am so glad you came to Calcutta.

  2. How great it has been to read about your experiences and impressions of Kolkata. I can’t wait to get back to India myself and have similar experiences.
    I totally agree with your post about being a lone traveller. You get a completely different experience compared to travelling with others. Your senses are heighten somehow and the level of awareness much greater, not to mention you are forced to integrate with locals to have someone to chat to which is the most rewarding part!

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