Kolkata Observations

Interesting to see the difference between Kolkata and Delhi.  I personally think Delhi is much more ‘in your face’ than Kolkata.  The people in Kolkata are much more approachable and much friendlier.  Since being here I have had a lot of enjoyable and funny conversations.  Also the hassle from the beggars is much much less.

Arrived early afternoon after a flight from Delhi and then spent the afternoon, first looking around BBD Bargh, then walking all the way down to Kumortuli.  There is this constant avalanche of impressions and potential shots.  Came across an old lady selling little sweet berries on the side of the road.  She had the most amazing face.   I asked her for a photo but she refused.  I spent some time with her and via my guide I politely asked again, offering to pay, but again she refused.  Such a pity, the most amazing face I have seen in years. 

Finally back to the hotel for a very large jug of fresh sweet lime soda before heading out to Park Street and a very well known local restaurant called ‘Peter Cat’.  Great food.  Entrée and main meal, along with a drink – €8.


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