Kolkata Observations – Newspapers

I simply LOVE reading Indian newspapers.  They are written in a very idiosyncratic style which is very difficult to explain but if you read one you will understand immediately.  The subject matter and the way the story is told is wonderful.  It is clear that graft, corruption, politicians, police and business are completely interwoven and impossible to separate.

There is a large story of the moment where a famous yogi is threatening to go on a hunger strike in a few days time to protest about endemic corruption and the Prime Minister (no less) is trying to convince him not to.

A small selection of great stories I read yesterday

Nearly 150 passengers of a Mumbai-Delhi flight had a close shave at Delhi Airport after the aircraft had to abort the landing because the pilot saw another aircraft on the runway and had to make a ‘go around’. This is the third such incident at Delhi Airport in a fortnight.  The Airports Authority tried to downplay the incident. “Go around is a standard operating procedure in order to maintain safety” said the AAI spokesperson. 

‘Constable beaten by vegetable vendors, no case registered’.  Apparently this lone constable attempted to drive away vegetable vendors from underneath an overpass at 11pm who became ‘incensed’ at losing out on last minute business.  “The vendors, among whom were some women, complained that the constable was drunk.  They started swearing at him before mercilessly assaulting him and then locking him inside an adjacent room” said a senior police officer.  Later tests at hospital proved that he wasn’t drunk.

A court has ordered the reinvestigation into the death of 19 year old Sister Abhaya in 1992 and the subsequent cover up. She was hit with an axe and her body dumped in the well of the Pious X Convent in Kottayam.  Police dismissed the case as suicide!!!!  Apparently Sister Abhaya, a newcomer to the hostel, had accidentally seen Sister Sephy, Father Thomas and Father Jose in a “compromising postion”.  Later Sister Sephy underwent a hymenoplasty (hymen reconstruction) to prove that she was a virgin and to hide the crime. 

“Two young men held on suspicion of attempted murder after a woman filed a complaint that there was an insect in her milk”  If you watch the milk being dispensed for delivery into the metal churns, in the open on the street and see the flies, straw and insects in the milk, it must have been one hell of an insect!

Shit like this just doesn’t happen in Amsterdam.


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