DSK & The Fortune-Teller

Here is a small tale.  Like all tales there is not really any reliable way to say if it actually happened or not.

Eighteen months ago, a man who felt that his life was on the right trajectory, he had a job that gave him access to a lot of very important people (they thought they were important and that is all that really matters), he travelled ALOT, he earn’t very good money, was married to a nearly as famous beautiful woman and most wonderfully lived in a society where there is an absolute expectation in the collective consciousness that a man in such a position in life should selflessly share his penis with as many women as possible.  Having ruminated on his exceptional luck and good fortune whilst in the shower that morning, there was this little niggle of doubt that he wasn’t really reaching his full potential.  He remembered that one of his other powerful friends and given him the number of an excellent fortune teller who by sheer coincidence lived in the very city where he had woken up that very morning.  He called his extremely efficient PA and rescheduled all of his morning meetings and hailed a cab, directing it to the address on the card.

Agreeing to meet DSK he entered into a small private front room of the womans house.  She asked him for a item of jewellery that only he had worn.  He handed over his watch that he had worn for the last 8 years.  She closed her eyes whilst holding the watch.  After 3 or 4 uncomfortable minutes of silence she opened her eyes and looked straight into DSK eyes.  She held his gaze for what felt like ages and she then had a very small smile which creased her lips.

She said to him;

“There is much I can tell you, but I will tell you the one thing that is most important for you. You will be famous.  You will be famous beyond your wildest dreams.  You will be in every newspaper in the world, you will feature on all major news channels, you will be the subject of talk shows and public debates.  You will be remembered long after your death and you will be held up as an example to all of your peers”.

Quite understandably DSK was ecstatic with news and tipped the fortune-teller handsomely.  Walking down the street he felt like he was walking on air, life was full of optimism.  He thought to himself, “that’s it, my future clearly lies in politics, I am going to replace the current little gnome at the Elysee Palace”.

How interesting life can be.


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