My Continued Pursuit of Audio Quality

For a long time I have been using the same audio equipment that I purchased many years ago when I used to live in the UK.  The amps were are QUAD 405-2 pre and power amp matched to a pair of B&W Matrix 2E speakers, which are bi-wired.  This equipment has travelled with me around the world and provided years of pleasure.  A few months ago I was lucky enough to sit and listen to a demo of the Diamond Series B&W speakers and fell in love once again with the sheer quality of B&W construction methods and the amazing quality of the output.  i decided that I needed to figure out how to lift the overall performance without breaking the bank.

Over the last couple of weeks I researched and then purchased via ebay a new Arcam C31 pre-amp and a pair of Arcam P25 power amps.  I daisy chained the power amps to the bi-wired speakers.  Happy with the result – you bet!!  The definition and spacing of specific instruments along with the stunning clarity and power of female voices such as Jacintha has made me fall in love with my music all over again.

I then decided to clean up all the music on my computer including getting some reference tracks in FLAC-24 format.  Installed the Squeezebox server onto the computer and tied this together with my Squeezebox.  I now have a library of 3,500 tracks to listen to.  So K and i have agreed to set aside a couple of nights every week to just sit down, relax and listen to great music from a whole new perspective.  Beats the hell out of nightly lobotomies in front of the television!

I personally think that the English still have edge is producing high quality audio equipment.  If you want to have a look at the Arcam range you can do so here.  Likewise with B&W.


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