A Compliment, Sex or Food?

Last week I read a very entertaining article regarding the way in which young people now perceive themselves in the scheme of things.  An article in the New York Times recently reported some research that found that American college students would rather receive a compliment than eat their favourite food or have sex!

Other little nuggets;

94% of college professors believe they have above average teaching skills.  70% of high school students believe they have above-average leadership skills.  High percentages of college students agree with the statement “I am easy to like” and most believe that American students are world leaders in doing really well at math, which is not supported by the evidence.

The one that I think summarises it all – 80% of high school seniors said that they were “a very important person”, up from an average of 12% in the 1950’s.

Given the quality of American political discourse and their ability to focus on the really important problems within their economy, I think that there is a very high likelihood that in the not too distant future the long lines outside the unemployment offices will be filled by “very important people” unable to calculate how much they will need in order to purchase the 7 loaves of bread they will need to last over the following 14 days.


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