Egypt & Western Hypocrisy

As the pressure grows within Egypt for change, it is very interesting to take distance and notice the response from both the US and from Europe.  To say that the western world got caught with its pants down would be an understatement.

The US response of vocalising its support for an “orderly transition” – to what, would be a fair question and then Britain, France & Germany favouring “free and fair” elections, as long as that does not legitimise Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood, makes for interesting reading.  This of course leads into an even more interesting situation.  The ‘need’ to be publicly seen to back the pro-democracy wishes of the Egyptian people do tend to tighten the vice on the west balls, because in doing so (which pro-democracy ideology requires), means that they are going to end up in very interesting ideological contortions should the folks in Jordan or Saudi Arabia decide that this is also a good idea.

It does make you wonder if liberty, human dignity and democratic freedom is limited by access to oil and support for Israel.  Of course not 🙂

Of course there are also the corresponding stories of how the Israelis are glued to the news channels watching events unfold.  Why would they be concerned?  After all for decades, they have demonstrated their respect for human rights, regional economic development & inclusion and there tireless efforts to bring together all the stakeholders, peoples and interest groups to build a much more stable and inclusive middle east. 

One cannot help but smile and remember;

“Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7, KJV).


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