Photography Workflow

I have just spent around 4 days finally establishing a proper photography workflow.  Previously the whole thing has been a bit ad-hoc which resulted in a mess of how images were being filed and patchy final results.  Firstly I spent the time to map it out o paper and establish exactly what were the various finished files.

Main tools are Phase One Capture Pro, Photoshop Bridge & Photoshop CS4.  I now have a flow from taking the RAW files from the camera to the month/year folder, selecting the RAW images I want to work with, process the RAW images, save the ones I really want into TIFF files, add copyright info, add watermarking & convert to jpg, then finally adjust image size and working profiles for shots that I will post to on-line media.  I realised that there is huge value in only posting watermarked and copyright embedded images to blogs and Facebook because anyone can download and save them.

So finally, I have an established workflow.


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