Photography Workflow

I have just spent around 4 days finally establishing a proper photography workflow.  Previously the whole thing has been a bit ad-hoc which resulted in a mess of how images were being filed and patchy final results.  Firstly I spent the time to map it out o paper and establish exactly what were the various finished files.

Main tools are Phase One Capture Pro, Photoshop Bridge & Photoshop CS4.  I now have a flow from taking the RAW files from the camera to the month/year folder, selecting the RAW images I want to work with, process the RAW images, save the ones I really want into TIFF files, add copyright info, add watermarking & convert to jpg, then finally adjust image size and working profiles for shots that I will post to on-line media.  I realised that there is huge value in only posting watermarked and copyright embedded images to blogs and Facebook because anyone can download and save them.

So finally, I have an established workflow.


Americas Debt

The FT had an interesting article on this subject a week ago, in amongst almost daily articles about the impact of rising American debt.  What caught my attention was a paragraph stating that by 2020 the Congressional Budget Office predicts that the debt to GDP ratio will be at 90%.  Interesting the IMF thinks it will be at 115%.

Total debt at this moment is in excess of $9,000bn, which means that for every single one of the 308,745,538 residents, they each owe $29,150.  So for a family of four their ‘liability’ toward the national debt is $116,600.  This doesn’t count what they owe on their credit cards 🙂

In the same week there were also articles about how American business resist any attempt to do anything about the national debt because of the potential impact to government contractors in defense etc.  I think it is going to be very interesting to see what will happen if the Asian dominated markets begin to force the same medicine upon America as the US did to Asia in order to correct the Asian crisis in 1997.

I am amazed that some folks who I work with think that moving to the US is still a good idea.  I for one, will not be joining them. 


American Gun Culture

The recent shootings in Arizona have sparked many articles related to the ownership and use of guns within America.  Needless to say, not many folks are considering restricting access to firearms. 

It was interesting to note an article in the Economist that highlighted that in the 18 years between 1979 – 1997, more people in America died as a result of guns than all Americans killed in foreign wars since independence. It was 30,000 people per year. I found that staggering.

When you then consider a country like Switzerland where it is mandatory that all men of military age must have a military firearm in the house around 34 people per year are either killed or wounded with guns.

So you are going to marry a Dutch girl?

Congratulations, she probably has blond hair and speaks her mind which you think is refreshing.  Well just one more thing before you go off and book the church.  This week it was reported in the newspaper that 4 out 10 domestic violence cases were against men. 

As a colleague remarked, the other 6 men are marrying women from other cultures 🙂