Private photography tour to Rajasthan in April

Last night I launched a new venture that will take place this April (fingers crossed).  When I was in Rajasthan in August, I fell in love with the place.  Not only for the experience itself but for the sheer breadth of photographic opportunities.  What I really enjoyed was the way the camera allowed you to interact with the people.  I remember one gentleman on a push bike, with his young son sitting on the front.  He stopped and indicated for me to take a photo of his son.  The father was so, so proud and it shone through every fibre in his body.  Those little moments that you never get in the west were priceless.  Because of this I decided that it would be a great experience to create a private tour for no more than 6 like minded people for 2 weeks to travel through Rajasthan and then on to Varanasi. 

Over the last few weeks I have built a website from scratch and last night I launched it.  You can see what I am doing here.

In conjunction with my friend Jeroen in NZ, we created this logo, which is also pretty cool.

Have a look and please share this with anyone who really enjoys photography and would like to share the experience.


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