Private photography tour to Rajasthan in April

Last night I launched a new venture that will take place this April (fingers crossed).  When I was in Rajasthan in August, I fell in love with the place.  Not only for the experience itself but for the sheer breadth of photographic opportunities.  What I really enjoyed was the way the camera allowed you to interact with the people.  I remember one gentleman on a push bike, with his young son sitting on the front.  He stopped and indicated for me to take a photo of his son.  The father was so, so proud and it shone through every fibre in his body.  Those little moments that you never get in the west were priceless.  Because of this I decided that it would be a great experience to create a private tour for no more than 6 like minded people for 2 weeks to travel through Rajasthan and then on to Varanasi. 

Over the last few weeks I have built a website from scratch and last night I launched it.  You can see what I am doing here.

In conjunction with my friend Jeroen in NZ, we created this logo, which is also pretty cool.

Have a look and please share this with anyone who really enjoys photography and would like to share the experience.


Having children and marital happiness

Here is a great video by a couple – Rufus Griscom + Alisa Volkman.  They share very candidly what they consider to be the 5 taboos that no one wants to talk about when they have children.  Their point is related to why people who hae children don’t actually tell the truth to those who are considering it.  It is one of the most important long term decisions that any person can make and yet it is largely surrounded by a large layer of bullshit, when it comes to the impact on your life and the impact on your happiness as a couple.

Watch the video here.

Changing education paradigms

I am an avid follower of speeches made by Sir Ken Robinson.  He is the only person that I have ever heard articulate exactly what is wrong with our education systems in a way that makes complete sense.  Having been a victim of the education system myself,  I hated and loathed my time at school because I felt that it was largely wasting my time by trying to force me to learn stuff that was somewhat irrelevant and to think differently than the way I wanted to think.  Consequently I was of course a “thick fucker” and I was told by the school that the best job I could ever aspire to was a car repairer.  Interesting.

Anyway, watch this really cool clip and think about how you would choose to educate your child.