I Love My Kindle

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a new wireless Kindle from Amazon.  All my adult life I have a steady, not prolific reader.  With all of my favourite authors like Neal Asher and Iain M Banks, I have usually ordered the latest hardback editions.  On my last trip to India where I carried with me 3 novels plus 2 travel guides, I suddenly had 6 kilos of books with me.  I also have to admit that up until that point I could never see the point in an e-reader, but on that holiday, I understood.  I did consider for approx 2.5 secs an iPad but then realised I wasn’t that desperate to be cool and frankly I am too tight to spend that much money on a large i-nophone.

So I researched the Kindle and bought one.  Fantastic, it is great.  The the sharpness and definition with the electronic ink pages is much much better than I expected.  It is as easy to read as a book.  Font size, line spacing and page orientation is completely adjustable.  You can browse the library of 400,000 titles, most of the classics are free.  Newspapers, magazines and blogs as well.  Instant delivery, no postage costs.  Light weight and very easy to hold.  Can hold up to 3,500 books (more than enough for a 3 week holiday with the family) and in your books you can bookmark a page, highlight text and save as well as annotate something that you want to reference in the future.  If you install the Kindle application on your iPhone, you can also read you book(s) on your iPhone and the Kindle knows the last page you completed on the iPhone, so you don’t have to search to catch up.

If you enjoy reading, I really recommend the investment.


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