Life = a bunch of experiences you have until you die!

As quoted by Jeb Corliss in this clip of him flying down the side of the Matterhorn using a wing suit.  However, I think what he says is so true.  Your life is defined by what you experience.  That is why I am constantly amazed when I look out of my windows in the evening and see large screen TV’s flickering in almost every window around me, with people slumped in front of it being fed a mental diet that just paralyses their capacity to think.  The frightening thing is that they will still be there in 20 years, not having woken up to the question “What the fuck have I just done with my life?”.

No matter what you may think of Jeb, the guy can never be accused of not living his life.  Watching these clips it once again inspires me to pull my finger and keep on pushing my own boundaries as I have done all my life.  It is simply too short not to!

Here is a clip of him ‘Flying the Crack’.


One thought on “Life = a bunch of experiences you have until you die!

  1. Well said! I love the way these guys live… the ones like Jeb Corliss, not just because they do something “really cool”, but because they do what they feel like, they desire what they do. And this is not just an activity, it is a whole new level of a life style…

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