Geoffrey Bennun – Suspect arrested

As you may already know, a suspect has been arrested in connection to the killing of Geoffrey and 8 others.  You can read the article here

Mark Dizon (28) was captured on CCTV video selling Geoff’s laptop and phone to a pawn broker.


2 thoughts on “Geoffrey Bennun – Suspect arrested

  1. Dear Geoffrey,
    For 47 Years we were there for each other. From the day we shared a bench in the back of a bus to a hockey game at Milfield . You were there at my wedding, at my daughter’s batmitzvahs. At my bedside after back surgery in Bangkok,……… . Memories that I will always cherish but have become so painful
    WHY???? You promised me to stay out of the Phillipines and move back to Thailand. We had a date in August, I promised to make you Yorkshire Pudding and now every morning I wake up, walk outside and with tears in my eyes light incense in your memory. You deserved so much better and none of us have a chance to change any of this.
    God Bless you my friend. Safe journey to a better place.
    Will always love you.

  2. So sorry this happend to you geoffrey .
    My father James bolton was one off the other men killed from markdizon
    R i p now xxx

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