Geoffrey Bennun- Message from Trevor

Update 21st July from Roxas City

Firstly I am overwhelmed by all the emails, blog messages and phone calls. I have been rendered speechless by all the support and love. I just don’t have the words to thank you all. I always knew that I loved Geoffrey, but it is only now in death that it has hit me, by how much. I am trying my hardest to divorce myself from the emotional side/aspect of his death and our connection so that I can accomplish the “sorting of the practicalities” first. It took me seven years to come to terms with my mothers death and now in the last four and a half years my father, step mother, sister and brother have all passed away. Until now Geoff and I shared the first three deaths seeing each other a few times a year. I will need time. Having Gypsy,Jai and Jordan with me is such a comfort and reminder to stay focused and get the job done.
I am indebted to Deborah for all her help and hard work, Geoff Beresford for his help, support, guidance and advice, Tim for his forthought, help, and concern and Harold & Jacqui for their incredible generosity and support.

It appears that Geoffrey and Abbie were last seen alive on the morning of the 9th at the swimming pool. They may have been shot later that day.

Apparently the gardeners who came on the 8 or 9th (I think) knocked for payment but no answer and did not try door.  They returned on monday 12th for payment and knocked, again no answer, could hear TV plus smell so this time they opened unlocked front door saw Geoffrey’s body and raised alarm.

I met up with Ray Walters, co owner of taxi company Geoff had invested in, on my arrival in Manila (he had arrived night before) on the evening of wednesday 14th & we made arrangements to go to Angeles the next day, thursday 15th early in the morning. After our arrival we spent day till 9pm with police in funeral parlour. From about 6pm we hid in a room, from the media and people that police were interviewing at funeral parlour.

Gypsy, Jai & Jordan arrived in Angeles the next morning (friday 16th) and we visited the funeral parlour to be with Geoff, and make arrangements for the cremation.  In the afternoon I went to Geoff’s house with the police for an initial inspection. The smell and scene will remain with me forever.

Saturday 17th we all went to Geoff’s house but given the circumstances could only accomplish the very essential requirements. That night we had a memorial dinner at Geoff’s favourite restaurant, C’s where we drank Geoff’s wine with the Owner/Chef.  Although Geoff believed his Caesar salad was better than the Owner/Chefs having insisted on making it once and having argued the point, the Italian Owner/Chef Chris had such a degree of respect and affection for Geoff that he would not allow us to pay for the meal and we inscribed a plate in Geoff’s memory that he placed on the wall.

Sunday 18th, such was the desire to leave Angeles that we checked out and took our bags with us to Geoff’s cremation in Olongapor where there is a modern facility about 45 to 65 minutes drive (can’t remember accurately).  We conducted our own service, Gypsy, Jai, Jordan, Vilma, Ray and myself and then the coffin was wheeled out and taken to where the cremation is done. We then continued to Manila and booked airtickets to Roxas City. Sunday night we wanted to eat at Geoff’s favourite restaurant Le Souffle but one had closed and the other branch was unknown to the taxi driver so we ended up at his equally favourite restaurant L’Opera.

Monday we flew to Roxas having said goodbye to Ray and yesterday Gypsy, Jai & Jorden went to Boracay to recouperate. I slept. They are returning to Roxas tomorrow, Thursday and on Friday morning we flyback to Manila. They return to Canada Friday evening, I will spend Friday night in Manila returning to Angeles Saturday morning.

It has been an unbelievably unsettling, scary, sad, stressful and emotional time for Gypsy, Jai and Jordan who are struggling to come to terms with the loss of Geoffrey.  Their deep love for Geoff is so evident yet they have managed to find the strength and energy to give me so much love and comfort at the same time.  I am in awe of their virtues that add up to the sum of their being.

Thank you everyone and I hope to share time with you all at some stage in Geoff’s memory

Kind Regards


5 thoughts on “Geoffrey Bennun- Message from Trevor


  2. Hello Trevor,

    I am a reporter with the Canadian Press, and I have recently received word that Philippine authorities have arrested a potential suspect in Geoffrey’s death. I would like to request a brief telephone interview with you to hear your thoughts, both on the recent tragedy and subsequent arrest. This story has not yet been told in Canada and I would welcome the opportunity to honour Geoffrey’s memory in what I believe to be his home country.
    If you are willing to speak to me, please send an email to the address I have provided so we can coordinate a time for a brief chat.

    All the best, and my profound condolences for your loss.

    Michelle McQuigge

    • Hello Michelle McQuigge,

      I read your note to Trevor and was compelled to drop you a line or two.

      I first met Geoffrey while working at a hotel. He managed the nightclub,, one of five bars in the massive establishmentl. I worked as the room’s captain or the guy who does the heavy lifting.

      I’ve seen Geoffrey stare down a man in a dispute at a hotel bar, To me the moment is frozen in time, given the high drama in the ultra hip Scotch Room at Toronto’s, Inn on the Park hotel, during the early 70’s..

      For Geoffrey, it was the beginning of a career that would take him around the world.

      Best of fortune to you and thank you for taking an interest in my friend who was murdered one year ago.

  3. Hi Trevor,

    Just read you very moving story of your experience following Geoff’s death. What a horrible thing to have to experience. We are very saddened by Geoff’s loss but take some solace in the fact that he was obviously very loved and admired by people throughout the world.

    We wish you long life . . .


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