Geoffrey Bennun – Your Chocolate conversation with God

Dearest Geoffrey,

I thought I should give you some time to have the conversations that I know you will need to have with God, before reminding you of your conversation with my youngest daughter in our kitchen in Amsterdam in June.  Just to remind you;

“Listen, when I am dead I am going to have a conversation with God to get him to explain why he decided to make really great things like chocolate, bad for you. Why couldn’t he have decided that the more chocolate that you eat the skinnier and healthier you become?  It doesn’t make any sense, if he is responsible for all things I definitely need to talk to him about this, because it makes no sense to me at all”.



5 thoughts on “Geoffrey Bennun – Your Chocolate conversation with God

  1. I first met Geoffrey 50 years ago at Fonthill prep school, we then went to Millfield and Kingweston. We have been close friends ever since. So many memories, from camping in Mexico to hanging out in Tasmania. He was a genuine good guy. Generous, funny and a real friend. I will miss him so much and cannot believe he has gone. My world is a sadder place. Godspeed my friend.

  2. Today is the final part of Geoffrey’s journey on this earth, a well travelled journey, full of incredible experiences during which he gathered many friends who will miss him dearly, but none more so than his loving family. But you know Geoffrey will soon have that conversation with God, if he hasn’t already and we all know hoe that conversation will start, “Now, tell me……” and no doubt that conversation will end with Geoffrey having answers to all the mysteries of life that had kept him wondering and filled the many conversations we all had with him. Rest in peace my friend.

  3. I was absolutely stunned and saddened when I heard the terrible news about Geoff and his friend, I could hardly believe it. We were in Kingweston House together at Millfiled school, from 1963-1968 and had so many great times with all our friends there over 5 long boarding years, playing in the Junior Colts at Rugby and in the House Hockey teams etc. I did manage to see Geoff briefly in London many years ago and then I travelled to Australia where I now live in Perth with my family. Through our close network of old school mates, he dropped into Perth and rang me prior to his arrival so I was delighted to see him and catch up after so many years, we had lunch and dinner together and drove to the Swan Valley to watch my daughter ride, we never stop talking !! He was a fantastic chap ,amusing, intelligent and somewhat eccentric in his lifestyle, and loved to travel, I tried,last year when he called in , to persuade him to settle down in OZ to no avail. I will miss you Geoff but will never forget the memories will shared. REST IN PEACE my old friend.

  4. I first met Geoffrey Allan Bennun (or the great GAB as I would go on to refer to him) in 2006 when his sister, my dear friend Yogesha became ill. When I had not heard from Yogesha for a couple of days I decided to call Geoffrey to find out how Yogesha was.

    When I got through to him, I introduced myself and asked about Yogesha. He quickly replied telling me she was doing well and went on with the famous lines of the great GAB, “ so tell me… tell me about you”. In that moment we struck up a relationship that would go onto become a defining, enriching and deeply affectionate friendship.
    After the phone call he sent me an email telling me he had sent me a picture of himself and could I return the favour by sending one back of me. I open the attached file and in true Geoffrey style I opened the attachment to find myself staring into the eyes of Antonio Banderas!

    Through out the last couple of years, Geoffrey would introduce me to his wonderful friends, Doug (who we referred to as Buffy) Michael and Pin, one half of Darling and Darling (who inspired us to refer to each other as Darlink and Darlink). I had a wonderful dynamic relationship with Geoffrey but through his friends I saw him for the warm, gentle, loving and endlessly generous and passionate person he was.

    As most of you can attest, he was deeply opinionated, witty, sarcastic and probably no, he was one of the most offensive persons I have ever met. But it was that wit and opinion, generosity and passion that made me love him.

    It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to share my very favourite Geoffrey moments here mostly because the words by themselves just wouldn’t do the great man justice, but those of you were ever party to this would appreciate the countless numbers of ways he would make me laugh, blush and curse in the same moment. I loved Geoffrey. We bounced off each other’s energy. He was the north to my south magnet and I had deep affection for this great man. We were trying to decide on our dining venue when I would next see him in August but alas some things are not to be.

    Sometimes when I had not heard from him I would write “GAB where in the world are you?”

    Tonight I will write
    My darlink GAB, where ever in this great existence you are, I love you. You are my friend. The light of your friendship will always shine on me – thank you. I will miss you today, tomorrow and for everyday I know you are not in my life.


  5. Thanks to Andrew & Bruce for getting these sad tidings to me in Vung Tau, Vietnam. My son, now 20, who has know Geoffrey all his life and myself hunkered down in a small local bar, ordered a couple of Rusty Nails (Geoff’s tipple of choice) and toasted his life. Geoff was the first person I met on my 1st tour in Asia in Surabaya, Indonesia where he opened my eyes, my senses and kindled my passion. He is humorous, honest and hirsute leaving a trail not following a path…Catch you later old mate.

    Mike Brown

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