Geoffrey Bennun – Update

Because so many friends of Geoffrey have read this blog, I thought it would be appropriate to post any updates as I get them, which will help to keep everyone informed as there are so many unanswered questions.  I received the following information in an email this morning.  I have edited it slightly.

 Geoffrey was the victim of a home invasion robbery, he was shot whilst seated at the dining table and there is evidence that he was forced to write his signature as some paper was left behind on the table with his signature repeated several times.

His girlfriend was shot in the bedroom.   His valuables, laptop and mobile phone were stolen.

Trevor is going to arrange a cremation in Manilla, which will be one day next week.  His Niece and Nephew will arrive from Canada in the morning.


9 thoughts on “Geoffrey Bennun – Update

  1. Thank you for your updates. Is there any indication whether the intrusion was by a gang or a lone criminal? Was the intrusion connected in any way with Abby? Is there any indication that Geoffrey or Abby suffered prior to death?

    • Hi Stephen, at this point I don’t think anyone is really sure what happened and the motivation behind it. People have been kind enough to send me an update and if I do get any more news I will post it on this site, as it seems to have developed as a point of focus for a lot of his dear friends.

    • I first met Geoff when he was 10 after his family had moved to England. He was best man at Trevor and my wedding and made a brilliant speech although he was only in his late teens. Although we all eventually went our separate ways Trevor and I have remained in touch. On my last visit to Sydney with my daughter in1999 Geoffrey took us to dinner and he still retained his larger than life personality and fun. A great loss to his family and friends. Love Carrie

  2. Geoffrey and I have been friends for almost forty years and like all of you I am shocked and deeply saddened by our loss. We were kids when we met, he occuppies so many memories of my youth. He and I were sharing an apartment in Toronto when I met my husband, I was always thankful that our relationship as good friends was clear to Doug from the beginning and we were able to maintain our closeness through out the years. I emailed Geoffrey on Saturday about our planned meeting in Toronto in September and I was surprised when I hadn’t received a response by Monday.
    My life is forever changed without him.
    He spoke so fondly of so many of you. Some of you I have met others just heard about. He loved you all.
    Geoffrey I will miss you forever and love you always

  3. I first came across Geoff at boarding school in Somerset, England & after I left we only met up again 42yrs later in Tasmania when visiting a mutual friend. He had hardly changed at all. A little heavier maybe & less hair on his head, but still the same old Geoffrey who always had plenty to say & said it. We were hoping to see him in London but sadly that will now never happen. It is consoling to see he had so many good friends & that he was so loved. I will now have to go to Soho without him but have the aromatic crispy duck we planned & think of him. If there is anyone around he wants to join me please let me know.

    He will be sorely missed but definitely not forgotten.

  4. Geoffrey and I have had a long friendship lasting over 30 years, and countless glasses of wine. He was a mentor, a friend, a colleague and just a good buddy. If you were ever in need of anything, and he could provide it, you could be certain he would. We both shared a passion for hospitality and for food, and we debated both on a regular basis. When he couldn’t convince to come around to his opinion, it actually brought us closer together. Earlier someone had menitoned his eccentricities, and I can certainly attest to peanut brickle ice cream, montreal smoked meat sandwiches, Lick’s burgers, and the always present ‘Aromotatic Cripsy Duck”. We shared a lot in common, but it was our differences that created our unique friendship that I will forever cherish. Over the years we have stayed in touch regularly, and he maintained his circle of “Empress” friends, while keeping all of us in constant contact. Most recently my wife Barbara and I got to spend some time with him in Ontario, and last year I embarked on a “Sideways” trip to Napa with him. Also coming along was our good friends Bill Greaves and Doug Housley, and we had a great time eating, drinking and lying about our accomplishments, as middle aged men do. That was a trip that will constantly be in my mind as a remembrance of a unique, tolerant, opinionated and passionate man that I was honored to call “friend”. My condolences and best wishes to his brother Trevor, his step brother Timothy, and his niece Gypsy, and nephew Jai.
    Geoffrey, we will be sure to raise a glass of the “good stuff” in your memory, until we meet again.

  5. Geoffrey was my oldest friend. We first met at Fonthill prep school in 1960. Fifty years. We continued to Millfield together even going to the same house, Kingweston. I have a life time of good memories. He was a true friend in every sense. I will always miss him. My condolences to Trevor and his family. A tragic loss for us all.

  6. I was told about the blog from Trent M
    Geoffrey and I only met six years ago when he was desperately looking to get out of Samui; where I later came to replace him.
    It is a great loss to lose him so soon. So many of you have already said so much on his character. His sense of humour, love of people, unconventionality and charm . Many of you even closer to him than I, but I can only tell you we shared so much fun together. He was just so good company with such a wicked sense of humour.
    We just got on really, really well as we had as many similarities as differences with each other. We kept in steady contact and GAB would usually stay with me whenever he visited Bangkok. He helped me give seminars for my staff. His “can do” training and “service recovery” delivery were fantastic.He was next scheduled to come next month.
    His friends are all over so it is difficult to find a place or time where all could meet to remember him but I think we will keep him within us for a long time. John Cleese’s eulogy for Graham Chapman would have been a very appropriate eulogy also for Geoffrey.

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