2012 – your f…ked!

Fell upon this wonderful site called ‘Survive 2012’ by Robert Bast.  I reluctantly admit that young Robert is a fellow kiwi, but if you have some time to read some absolutely entertaining thoughts and views of Robert, you could conceivably decide to chuck in your job, have unprotected sex with as many people that are willing to have you, max out your credit cards, experiment with every drug that you can beg, borrow or steal and generally just live your life as you have always wanted.  For you sceptics out there I can share the following bit of wisdom from Roberts site;

And when the earth reverses its direction of movement, the seas will again gather into immeasurable tides…and planetary lightning will electrocute huge parts of the earth. Without notice the astonished spectators will start fighting a battle they will lose against this planetary violence of nature adrift, and almost all will perish in a horrible way…

Apparently the site has had 5 million visitors so far and there is a wealth of information, such as the 23 possible ways you will meet your fate, how to use a Pyramid as a cosmic ray shelter (this is really useful because it even gives you a list of everything you need to purchase to put into your pyramid), some conjecture about the role of dragons and unicorns etc.

So with this bit of encouragement, read Roberts excellent propositions and then get out there and kick some ass otherwise you will be very deeply disappointed on Dec 21, 2012 when you realise you are truly fucked.


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