Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to breed

This has been a topic that has come into conversation a few times over the past weeks.  Here in The Netherlands you need permission/licence for almost everything – you need to do an exam to play golf!  However the single most important thing you can do, which is to have children, is completely unregulated universally.  Why?

I’ve heard the argument that it is a fundamental human right, but so is the right to keep living and that gets abused/taken away across the globe, daily.  When I become the benevolent dictator of the world, one of the first things that I will do is require every couple to pass a test and only should they pass, can they breed.  My proposition is simple – Stupid people wont be allowed to breed!

I can already hear the first howls of  “who are you to decide the standard”, well the answer is simple, it already exists and it is already accepted by a significant number of societies.  Go and try to adopt a child from another land and you will see what I mean.

There is also the old chestnut of  “Why do you think you can play God”.  Historically nature and circumstances proved the cull of stupid people.  They would get too close to a wild animal, they would get killed by marauding tribesmen, they would fall into bear pits or die from eating something that they shouldn’t have.  Due to our ‘enlightened’ way of living, we have saved stupid people from themselves by eliminating many of the dangers that would have sorted them out previously and from this secure position, they breed – prolifically! 

There is a huge upside to preventing stupid people from reproducing.  Just think about it.  Within 2 generations the amount of money that could be saved in not having to provide resources, programs, govt departments to support these folks would be considerable.  TV would change forever because there wouldn’t be an audience for Fox News and Big Brother. Your child would be in a class of 15 other well adapted children who want to learn instead of being one of the five out of 30 today.  We wouldn’t live in a world where the current predominant culture has been ‘dummed down’ to the point where a significant majority have lost the ability to reason for themselves and their immediate reaction to someone who is fractionally brighter and dares disagree, is to label them as “Left wing, commie, gay, atheist”, not realising that in doing so, the joke is on them.

And the very best thing – we could even end up with decent politicians.


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