Motorcycle weekend

Last weekend was the final weekend for this year in Holland where we had a public holiday extending it to a full 3 days.  The weather forecast predicted dry weather and lots of sun. 

So on Saturday morning I jumped on my bike (Kawasaki ZZR-1100) and headed down to Koblenz in Germany, down the Rhine, across rural Germany to Mosel ending up in Cochem late afternoon.  The idea was to stay there for the night and to ride another route in Germany, but I felt that this area of Germany was actually quite boring.  So I had dinner and then rode to Lille in France getting their about 10pm.  So on Saturday I rode 950 kms.  Next day decide to have lunch in Tourney in Belgium.  First time I have ever been there and it is a really nice little town with a great central square and restaurant terraces.  In the middle of the afternoon I rode back to Amsterdam.  Monday, up again and rode up into Friesland to see some friends and stayed for an enjoyable lunch.  Rode back home via the west.

Total distance over the 3 days was just on 1,300kms.  Not bad.


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