Shock turns to outrage

So says a headline in this Monday’s FT, describing the reaction within Goldman Sachs after digesting the news that the SEC was going to prosecute.  I can actually sympathise.  After spending countless millions in donations to American political parties and individuals, the countless diners endured, the amount of alcohol consumed, the stress of all the ‘hostesses’ who have ‘entertained’, I can understand the righteous disgust and outrage that surfaced.  You can hear it now –

” How dare they do this, don’t they know how much we have paid for this sort of thing not to happen.  This is America for god sake.  Blatant, naked all consuming greed is a god given right” !!


More amazing photography

Pete Seaward began his career as a graphic designer, but has spent the last twenty as a photographer. Originally studio-based, he has become a specialist landscape photographer. Working primarily in advertising, commissions have taken him across the world.  He really produces some excellent photography.  Check out his site.

“Petty gossip of the moment”

What a wonderful use of ‘understatement’,  to deflect the criticism and anger directed at the Catholic Church about the number of boys, over the many years who have experienced ‘Gods grace’ by either a mouthful of semen or a sore expanded anus, courtesy of the local parish priest.

It certainly gives the rest of us a wide latitude to reject accountability for any actions that we might be called on to explain.  Simply put on some very shiny gowns, hang a big cross around your neck and in a quiet reflective voice let it be known that you choose not to react to “petty gossip of the moment”.  Fucking brilliant.

The best engine in the world

In1912, the world famous Austrian gynecologist, Dr. Hermann Otto Kloepneckler, M.D. Ph.D. published the following:

“The best engine in the world is the vagina. It can be started with one finger. It is self-lubricating. It takes any size piston. And it changes its own oil every four weeks. It is only a pity that the management system is so temperamental.”

Granny tagged for selling a Goldfish

Here is a wonderful story of bureaucracy gone insane.

A 66 year old granny has been convicted, electronically tagged and her son sentenced to 120 hours community service for selling a goldfish to a 14 year old in the UK, in a deliberate sting operation.  You can read the entire sorry tale here in the UK paper ‘The Daily Express’.

What I find is beyond comprehension is that government resources can be allocated to mount this sting operation and the same rigour is not applied to the MP’s who falsely claimed millions in expenses or the bankers who drove the economy to the brink of collapse, for the sole purpose of lining their own individual pockets.  I am beginning to understand how the French Revolution began.