Paedophilia and the Catholic Church

If you consider (seriously) the Church’s claim to represent God on Earth and then the trust and respect that it expects from the faithful, the institutions response to the current crisis is interesting.

Having papal spokesman hinting at an ‘anti-Catholic’ plot and complaining that the church is being unfairly treated because paedophilia is common, forces a re-think about wether or not their franchise has expired.

It might also be valuable for them to recall earlier abuses of clerical power that greatly angered an itinerant preacher in Palestine some 2000 years ago.


One thought on “Paedophilia and the Catholic Church

  1. well, they are correct: it is common in the Catholic Church….

    I think this might have been a recruiting strategy of the Catholic Church, actually…. I can very well hear the local town crier on the market place going “Like little boys? Feel like a bit of action? Join us, we’ve got plenty AND you’ll get paid for it!!”

    For those who might suggest that there is a conspiracy against the Catholic Church – I know of 3 people who spent their childhood in a Catholic boarding school in the 50’s/60’s …. and yes, ALL 3 claim to have been abused. That’s 100% of my sample.

    And if only those priests realised the damage they have inflicted to generations! —- What? do you really think it stops at those little boys and girls? they grow up, forget about it all and live happily ever after? you don’t think they go a bit loopy when they grow up and take it out on their family one way or another after that?

    Well those priests do have a few “Hail Mary”‘s to utter…

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