Joining the Thai Royal Family would not be boring

Read an interesting article about the current troubles in Thailand and the role of the royal family.  In most modern monarchy’s I would think that one of your biggest challenges could be boredom. Not so in the Thai Royal family.

Some of the current unrest is apparently linked to the heir in waiting – Prince Vajiralongkorn who is waiting to take over from his ageing father King Bhumibol.  It has been said of Prince Vj, that he is “unpredictable to the point of eccentricity: lavishing attention on his pet poodle Fu Fu, who has a military rank and, on occasion, sits among guests at gala dinners”. In the 1980’s his rumoured ties to the criminal underworld, inspired the gangster nickname of “Sia O”.

Because of his unpredictability there is concern if he is the right heir to the throne.  Apparently exile in Europe is an option however, “there are other, bloodier, predictions of how he might be removed from succession, which is why soldiers of his personal guard are not allowed to wear guns in his presence”.  This is not something he takes lightly as Rama VIII died in 1946 “after a mysterious shot to the head” – LOL


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