A glimpse into the American pysche

A chanced upon an illuminating article entitled “20 ways Obama Care will take away our freedoms” on the Investor.com website.  The article itself is puerile, however the most interesting reading is the comments.  I am not yet sure if I should just remained amused or actually consider it to be utterly scary.  If America was irrelevant, I would then be able to rest easy, humoured at the stupidity of these people, but unfortunately whilst they (as a culture) have such a dominant influence on the rest of us, I am sliding towards to ‘scary’.

The irony that this story and the resulting comments illustrates is, that if you want to undermine any topic at all, simply position it as attacking their “freedom”.  However it is apparent that a significant number of the population do not have the greatest, most important freedom of them all – the freedom to think independently!

It would seem that as soon as you touch on the topics of God, Tax, Freedom or Democracy, the veil of stupidity descends and the subject is immediately swamped by utter bullshit.  Meanwhile the country is falling apart around them and few see it for what it is.


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