“Lehman file rocks Wall St”

Is the title on the front page of this Saturday’s F.T.  Makes for interesting reading, but few surprises.  Too be honest I think that the only reason that the release of this file sends shivers through Wall Street (and the global financial community) is that there is a collective paranoia that this will enable a further attack on their bonuses.  I truly wish that there is some action or event that completely fucks this bunch of self centered, avaristic, self serving, lying group of scumbags.  If I could wave a magic wand I would ensure that any investment banker that has earned bonuses greater than $250,000 per year over the last 6 years would become instantly destitute.  After 18 months of living in shelters or on the street, their job would be offerred back to them on the basis that they could only earn an income comensurate to the long term tangible value that they could generate for the business and the community,  that could be accounted for in hard cash or solid, physical investments.  Because that will never happen I can only gain a moment of pleasure by thinking to myself,  “fuck you all, may you rot in hell”.


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